G11 store is made to present precious G11 metals “gold, silver, copper” shaped in delicate forms that are meant to live forever.

G11 jewelry is unique, often handcrafted, and made as a result of a nine decades-long tradition.

G11 jewelry designs are carefully crafted with the awareness of the beauty and the value of our Dalmatian heritage. Our inspiration comes from the ethnographic heritage of the 18th century. Today, we use the finest techniques for finishing and honing of coral, sea pearls, precious and semiprecious gems into unique gold, silver, and copper timeless pieces.

G11 Store

Skilful hands and a sense of beauty are the most powerful G11 tools.

Our effort is to be sustainable, and all of our products are made in our studio in Dalmatia, Croatia.

G11 vision is to introduce a modern world with the traditional world of jewelry from our home country Croatia.

G11 mission is to provide to our costumers luxury and beauty which are epitomized in G11 timeless pieces. Also, our team is here to provide the best quality of delivery and service.

G11 STORE was established in 2019 in Split, Croatia.

The founder and the creative lead is Milana Cokarić Korda born in Split and from her very young age, she has been in love with the design and culture of her home country.

As a result, she made a strong synergy and successful collaboration with domestic jewelry masters.

With You, we are ready to write the next chapter of our heritage.

G11 Store


The Princess of Dalmatia Collection

The Princess of Dalmatia Collection is inspired by the beauty of the Dalmatian traditional jewelry manufacture. By wearing this kind of gold and silver pieces, every woman feels like a princess. The people of this region used to wear filigree jewelry often decorated with Coral, precious and semiprecious gemstones.


The Botuni and the Heritage Collection

The Botuni and the Heritage Collection is inspired by one of the most popular Croatian souvenir, The Botun. This Collection shows us the tradition in a modern way. The Botun is often made of silver with fine filigree technique.


The Unique from Oneum Collection

The Unique from Oneum Collection is about the art and handcrafted masterpieces. Each piece from this Collection is unique and made with love. Jewelry from this Collection tells us a story with corals, pearls, seashells enriched with golden and silver touches.


The Love is by the Sea Collection

The Love is by the Sea Collection is inspired by the Adriatic corals.

The beauty of the Adriatic coral represents the power of the Sea. G11 designers love to combine precious metals and red passionate Coral into delicate and timeless pieces of jewelry.